Barack Obama: The Cheney from Ta-Nehisi Coates’s Id. [UPDATED]

Classical reference.

[UPDATE: I have no idea why the last wave of editing didn’t go through before publishing. Fixed.]

I understand that Ta-Nehisi Coates had to pad his word-count for this NYT piece – executive summary: Coates’s desire to remain true to his principles, such as they are, are apparently subordinate to his desire to see Barack Obama act out towards Republicans.  This bothers him enough to whine about it, but not enough to actually do anything to try to stop Obama from acting in such a fashion – but there are two points I want to make, if only for my own peace of mind’s sake (because God knows that Coates never, [ever] listens to anybody else besides himself):

  1. Coates has it precisely backwards: we are not afraid of Barack Obama now.  Which is why everybody in the GOP is mocking him.  And while I mocked Barack Obama in 2008 [my] (and a bunch of other people[‘s]) [message was] effectively blocked from [being] propagated by the mainstream GOP, which frankly was scared of Obama back then.  This cannot be brought up again enough times: Barack Obama has always been like this.  Some of us told you so, back then.  You should have believed us.
  2. Coates also seems to think that Barack Obama has turned into Dick Cheney.  That is, of course, absurd: if Obama was Cheney he’d be doing a better job, not to mention a more ethical one.  No, what Barack Obama has turned into is the nightmare devil-troll edition of Dick Cheney that lurks in the collective subconscious of the American Left.  Which, again, means [both] less competence and ethical awareness than the original.

Other than that, the article is… well, pretty stupid, actually.  Those two things I mentioned above were just the clumps of stupidity that managed to float to the top.

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  1. Hey, give the man a break…Obama’s views on gay marriage have only recently evolved to match those of Cheney’s…

  2. Coates and Neblett keep trying to make Barack Obama into Jules Winnfield. I’m thinking Cheney has the wallet with ‘badass mother#*%er’ on it.

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