Politico: We hate politics! …Especially now, since it looks like we’re losing.

So, via Jammie Wearing Fools comes this refreshing article where members of the Media whine about how awful this Presidential campaign is, and how they hate everything about it. So why is it refreshing? Well, aside from Jeff Emanuel’s take on the subject, you should also look at sample articles written by the people who were quoted and/or referenced in it:

I imagine that they’re having a horrible time, at that.  It’s never fun to see your side lose an election.

Trust me on this.

Moe Lane (crosspost)

PS: Newsbusters, AoSHQ, and Breitbart.com were very handy in assembling this list.

9 thoughts on “Politico: We hate politics! …Especially now, since it looks like we’re losing.”

  1. LOL!

    So sad to hear F Chuck Todd isn’t feeling joy. Yeah, you have it right, they are sad because their team sucks. When they say “both sides” are limiting availability, joyless, running out the clock, etc, they are just complaining that THEIR side is doing that.

    How are they going to convince us that the dream is still alive if they don’t even believe it?

  2. I had thought that, from a pragmatic viewpoint, the liberal media would have abandoned Obama in order to maintain a shred of dignity. But now I don’t think it will happen. They can only be compared to religious fanatics, and would rather be play the role of martyr than objectively increase the bottom line.

  3. Doc something I caught leads me to believe that they’re sad because they can No Longer Convince us to vote the way they want. They are starting to tumble to the fact that in 2008 they destroyed whatever credibility they still had. ‘My Sin, Right Now I’d Have To Go With Wrath.’-Serendipity

  4. I am going to have to agree with you their Catseye. They shot their wad in 2008; it is kind of hard to go with hope and change again, when everyone knows it already failed.

  5. Sorry the Quote was from the movie Serenity. I was thinking of something else involving wood and what I have on hand.

  6. I noticed all these critical stories about Obama came out on labor day, a day when very few Americans were paying attention to the news.

  7. Chuck Todd is the biggest hypocrit working in the media. At least Chris Tingles knows, he is an Obama hack sycophant. Chris Todd will whine about the nastiness of the campaign and say nothing when on the same day MSNBC throws the n word at Mitt Romney. Chris Todd will whine about false campaigning while at the same time castigating Terry Branstad that welfare work requirements weren’t loosened by Obama…Obama only granted waivers to the Governors that would allow them to loosen the requirements so it is actually the Governors loosening the requirements (don’t try for logic – it’s Chris Todd). If Chris Todd is whining, I am have a nice celebratory beer so Chris Todd this Sam Adams Oktoberfest is for you.

  8. @Doug Stewart .. I’m not sure what’s funnier .. picturing John Cusack trying to man up enough to play Mal, or imagining Nathan Fillion playing almost any John Cusack character…


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