An interesting question with which to start your Monday.

If you were shown this picture, and you did NOT know anything about the people involved, and you were asked: Which person thinks that he had a worse week than the other one?

…which person would you pick?

Enjoy your morning.

Moe Lane (crosspost)

PS: Hey, it was 60 Minutes that decided to do that juxtaposition, not me. Blame them.

5 thoughts on “An interesting question with which to start your Monday.”

  1. One of these men had loving, supportive parents–and has an apparently joyful, adoring wife. Coincidence?

  2. Was it me or did Romney look a little orange-ish? Don’t go the Charlie Crist route Mitt. Just don’t.

  3. BC, I’ve read about the make-up the 60 Minutes crew did on Romney, they’re the ones responsible for the make-up job. Someone recommended that Romney bring his own make-up artist instead of using the in-house, biased, going to make the guy look bad crews.

  4. What picture? I can’t follow a lot of links because they are blocked here in Afghanistan, but I still manage to read RS and sometimes pop over here (I HATE RSs new design and EEs “Change for the sake of change policy regarding it).

    Can I get you to post the pic you’re talking about?

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