More details about tomorrow’s Univision expose of Operation Fast & Furious.

Background: the Spanish-language media organization Univision has apparently been building up quite the head of steam over Operation Fast & Furious, which was an operation where we blithely let guns get handed over to Mexican narco-terrorist gangs with precisely zero oversight, hesitation, or interest in what said gangs would do with said weapons.  What they did with them, of course, was to use those guns to murder Mexican nationals.  The administration is stonewalling the investigation into all this (particularly the investigation into US Border Agent Brian Terry’s murder, as OF&F guns showed up at the murder scene); and Univision is promising a long, hard look at the ongoing debacle tomorrow.

And that look promises to be a doozy.  From the Christian Science Monitor:

By cross referencing gun tracing data, Univision identified 57 weapons linked to murders and crimes in Mexico, and used that data to highlight “the face of the tragedy in Mexico,” says Mr. Reyes.

Reyes said the program will detail Fast and Furious ties to the massacre of 16 teenage boys and girls in Ciudad Juarez, the nation-shaking murder of Mario Gonzalez Rodriguez, the brother of the former Chihuahua attorney general, the extent to which the Mexican government knew about the program, and an interview with a drug trafficker who says he heard from colleagues that the US government was selling guns to the cartels.

…I’ve looked at that second paragraph three times and I don’t know which is the worst revelation. That the Obama administration enabled the murder of innocent children? That it indirectly participated in a targeted assassination of the family of a Mexican law enforcement official?  That it’s going to be pointed out that the Obama administration was in full Ugly American mode when it came to the Mexican government?  Or that our actions emboldened Mexican narco-terrorists to continue their destabilization campaign against our southern neighbor? Any one of those would be a scandal; taken collectively, and you have to wonder just how many more people have to die before Barack Obama and Eric Holder will take any kind of accountability for their actions.

Although I know the answer: as many as they can get away with.  After all: it’s not like Mexicans are real to those two.

Moe Lane (crosspost)

PS: For the record: we – and by ‘we’ I mean ‘the GOP’ – have been aware, and have been yelling, about the Mexican nationals killed by all of this for over a year. It’s not our fault that the current administration was so militantly indifferent to Latinos being murdered…

8 thoughts on “More details about tomorrow’s Univision expose of Operation Fast & Furious.”

  1. Proving once more that the brown ones are only useful as props – to the Dems. Same as it ever was, just read up on MLK…….


  2. im glad to see this finally being uncovered.This wreckless program was responsible for the death of Brian Terry ,and God knows how many more other innocent people in Mexico.Obama lied when he said the program began under Bush.

  3. Holder and Obama will never admit liability. Political realities being what they are, their upcoming defeat will insulate them from consequences as the nation attempts to move on. Personally, I think both of them deserve to be stood against a wall and shot with the weapons they sent to the drug cartels, but I recognize that justice will not be done.

  4. When the lapdog media say anything about it at all, it’s usually something like “Operation Fast and Furious, the flawed program begun under President Bush to track illegal guns from unscrupulous arms dealers, …”

  5. I’m going to go out on a limb and bet that Univision blames Bush the most. You think they’d honestly risk damaging O?

    1. Aruges: I THINK that they’re instead going to go with the “America didn’t care about this until Brian Terry died” angle. Which is unfortunately true enough of the Democrats.

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