#rsrh First blood in Project Veritas’ Double Voting sting.

Funny, I seem to remember seeing this movie before.

The Democratic National Committee has terminated the employment of Houston, Texas, Organizing For America Regional Field Director Stephanie Caballero after she was caught on camera calling voter fraud “cool” and “so funny” while advising a presumably-liberal voter how to vote twice.

Here’s the video of the sting operation:

But here’s the really fun part:

This video appears to be only the first in a series.

Do tell. Do tell.

Moe Lane

6 thoughts on “#rsrh First blood in Project Veritas’ Double Voting sting.”

  1. Breitbart used to drop a video every 2-5 days, drip drip drip. O’Keefe put out 2 vids in a single day. How many does he have, and how long is he going to drip them out before the election?

  2. This? They moved fast over this but on Libya, a month of stonewalling and denials. Maybee we should send OKeefe to the mideast, he seems to know how to motivate the left into action

  3. You know, I’d normally be annoyed with a media type that does the same thing over and over again. But O’Keefe? He makes it work well.

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