#rsrh First blood in Project Veritas’ Double Voting sting.

Funny, I seem to remember seeing this movie before.

The Democratic National Committee has terminated the employment of Houston, Texas, Organizing For America Regional Field Director Stephanie Caballero after she was caught on camera calling voter fraud “cool” and “so funny” while advising a presumably-liberal voter how to vote twice.

Here’s the video of the sting operation:

But here’s the really fun part:

This video appears to be only the first in a series.

Do tell. Do tell.

Moe Lane

Project Veritas stings New Hampshire Voter ID-less laws.

And I hope that they have good lawyers. REAL good lawyers.

Contrary to Matt Lewis, this is not unbelievable. This is why we insist on Voter ID laws.

To summarize the video, James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas sent a couple of people to New Hampshire primary polling places claiming that they were individuals that had actually died in the last couple months. They were, of course, secretly filming the proceedings… and came away with footage of multiple occasions where the poll workers let them have the ballot. Note, by the way, that every video clip ends with the Veritas people giving back the ballot without actually voting: I don’t know whether that will actually protect the group from being accused of voter fraud, but then that’s why we have a court system. At any rate, the video ends with some poor sacrificial lamb of a ward coordinator confidently assuring the Project Veritas people that nobody could get away with what the Project Veritas people just did. Continue reading Project Veritas stings New Hampshire Voter ID-less laws.

Project Veritas. James O’Keefe. Russian drug-dealing Medicaid applicants.

You know where this is going, right?

[UPDATE: I have been made aware that the individuals in this video are county employees, not state ones.]

OK, let me set the background.  You are a public sector employee for the state of Ohio; this probably means that you are a Democrat.  You are probably aware, however vaguely and dimly, that there is a group out there who went around a few years ago and got ACORN defunded by pretending to be a prostitute and her pimp who wished to get tax help for the former’s prostitution, not to mention tax help for their underaged El Salavadoran hooker enterprise.  This was largely considered ‘bad.’  So, you’re working one day, and in walk two men with bad Russian accents who wants to apply for Medicaid benefits, even though one of the men owns a modified sports car with a gold-plated engine that’s been purchased with profits from their illicit drug business.  And, oh yes: they need to know about getting public funding for abortions for their under-aged hooker sisters.

WHAT DO YOU DO? Continue reading Project Veritas. James O’Keefe. Russian drug-dealing Medicaid applicants.