Big Government, ACORN, and tax advice for underaged brothels.

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So, Andrew Breitbart’s new website Big Government wanted to start off with a splash – and they’ve certainly done so, thanks to the post Chaos to Glory. In it, James O’Keefe went with an associate to ACORN’s Baltimore office, with the story that the associate is a prostitute who needs to set up her income – and the income of a baker’s dozen of underage El Salvadoran illegal immigrant prostitutes – to fund O’Keefe’s political campaigns. ACORN of course immediately informs them that they are depraved abusive monsters, throws them out, and calls the cops…

Yeah, right. What actually happens is that they get a crash course in Tax Fraud and How To Set Up A Brothel 101: links are to videos, in case the above doesn’t load (their servers must be getting hammered, for some reason). Transcript here: you will find that your jaw steadily drops more and more as this goes on. They didn’t blink at the prostitute bit (just reclassified it as entertainer, and walked through useful deductions): they didn’t blink at the underaged El Salvadoran prostitutes thing (just worked out how many could be claimed as dependents without things getting flagged); and they didn’t blink on the request for advice on avoiding a former pimp (they just gave some, which didn’t include “Call the cops” and “Stop being a prostitute”).

After a certain point, you will ask yourself if this can possibly be for real. Breitbart did, himself. This, in fact, pushes the very limit of the Too Good to Be True envelope – but the videos are simply too good to miss. Plus, ACORN’s screams of outrage are diagnostic: they’re essentially claiming that when asked, other offices didn’t give out tax advice on running illegal underage brothels.

So there.

After all of that, the news (via Instapundit) that a ring of eleven ACORN operatives in Miami-Dade have been busted for here election fraud is somehow… reassuring*.

Moe Lane

*Although I must admit, ACORN has a great scam there. Use a set of rules that encourages election fraud, let low-level operatives commit election fraud, pick random individuals to report in areas where they can afford it, then take credit. Brilliant. Not as brilliant as figuring out tax dodges for illegal underage brothels, but brilliant.

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