“World War Z” Trailer.

Subtitle: What the f*ck is this sh*t?

I hope to God Max Brooks got a good deal of money out of this, because from what I can see of the trailer he ain’t going to have the pleasure of seeing his vision up on the screen…

5 thoughts on ““World War Z” Trailer.”

      1. No, it wouldn’t; it’s excessively heavy and runs out of fuel quickly. Whatever pleasure there is in roasting zombies is more than cancelled out by the lack of mobility.
        Would rather have the schwartz anyways.

        1. Max really sold me on the idea of the .22 Olympic target pistol if you absolutely HAVE to have a firearm in your zombie scenario. Relatively quiet, accurate (you’re going for brain shots, you need accuracy), and best of all: you won’t feel invincible with one.

          1. From the looks of that trailer, a surf board might work better. Looked like crashing waves of people to me.

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