Just a quick note about the South Carolina First District special election.

Expect an all-out war in the Republican primary to replace now-Senator Tim Scott.  Via Jim Geraghty comes this list:

On the GOP side, potential candidates include former Gov. Mark Sanford and his ex-wife, former first lady Jenny Sanford; state Sens. Chip Campsen and Larry Grooms; state Reps. Chip Limehouse, Peter McCoy, Jim Merrill and Andy Patrick; Charleston County Councilman Elliott Summey; Dorchester County Councilman Jay Byars; Charleston City Councilman Mike Seekings; Mount Pleasant Town Councilman Ken Glasson; former state Sen. John Kuhn; former Charleston County School Board member Larry Kabrovsky; former Charleston County Council members Curtis Bostic and Joe McKeown; and Lowcountry businessmen Keith Blandford, Carroll Campbell, Mark Lutz, Bob Menges and Teddy Turner.

I’m sure that a native South Carolinian could break down for you the feuds, vendettas, jihads, crusades, wars to the knife, ambushes,and associated mayhem that is presumably reflected in that innocent-sounding list, but the first two names on it alone would guarantee a lively primary in a state that… well.  It’s not nice to suggest that South Carolinian politicians might be willing to give an Assassins’ Guild all the work it could handle.

Not nice.

Moe Lane

PS: I assume that the Democrats will have a candidate, sure.  They should try to make sure to get a competent one whose last name starts with A.

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  1. I would like to see a Sanford vs Sanford primary. Former Gov. Mark Sanford needs to be deafted at the polls. I honestly don’t know how any conservative could back/vote for him.

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