QotD, Hope Is A Nice Thing To Have There, Sparky edition.

Yeah, good luck with that, pal:

[Third Way co-founder Jim] Kessler deemed [Barack Obama’s second Inaugural] speech more liberal, not for the issues addressed but for those largely omitted—namely efforts to grapple with the shaky finances of entitlement programs and to boost economic growth. While Mr. Obama made brief mention of Medicare and Medicaid, he offered little insight about how the country could afford to continue these programs.

“We’re hoping for something different out of the State of the Union,” Mr. Kessler said.

I’m personally expecting that the President will do his level best to provoke the Republican House and Senate caucuses to get up and walk out*.  I have yet to decide whether I’d ultimately applaud or disapprove of such a gesture: the PR hit would be immense, but Congressional Democrats get scared when our people act in unison like that.


Moe Lane

*It always amuses me when the petty get hot and bothered when their politicians are petty, too.  I personally prefer to be more dignified in my pettiness, if for no other reason than I can actually use said pettiness as a tool that way.

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  1. Any word on where we can ALL get those awesome Thomas More hats that Scalia sported? I think both House and Senate GOP caucuses should attend thus-attired.

  2. I have this recurring nightmare that President Obama pulls a President Morsi and calls for a Second Constitutional Convention after dissolving the current constitution.
    I have not slept well in weeks.

    1. Since he would need enough states to agree to such a call, not going to happen. Even if it did, it would ended up splintering the country as many states would use it as a way out.

        1. Should a Constitutional Convention be called, all bets – ALL bets – are off.
          I will suggest looking at history from 1777 to 1788 …

          1. Not all bets.
            I would bet that violence and the threat of violence would be prominent, and that blood would be shed.

          2. I think some states would look to pull out, and frankly as a southerner (originally from the midwest), I am kind of sick of the elitist view that people in the MSM have towards the south. They make fun of them (us) for claiming a desire to secede, but then they ask stupid questions like (“is the south ready for a black senator”). do they think the south is a lesser civilization.

            I guess they do. After all we still have Big Gulps in these parts, and if you are in pain they still give you medicine for it in the hospital.

          3. Yep Acat, I had heard about that. I took it to mean that he is concerned with tax evasion. I know how strongly he feels about that.

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