People asking: should San Bernardino cease to exist?

To answer Instapundit and City Journal‘s question: no, San Bernardino should not cease to exist.  Unless, of course, you want some of my tax money to keep it alive.  In that case?  Kill it quick and move on.

Oh, wait, California: you can’t do anything quick in that state anymore.  Guess they’re screwed, then.

Moe Lane

PS: I have no idea how San Bernardino can get out from under its horrifically overgenerous pension/benefits obligations.  I can suggest that it start figuring that out, though; hope that helps!

4 thoughts on “People asking: should San Bernardino cease to exist?”

  1. I suppose subsuming the San Bernadino pension/benefits into CALPERS would be .. a silly suggestion since CALPERS is equally screwed, long-term?
    Ironically, since there *are* procedures for a city or other muni to declare bankruptcy, but there *aren’t* procedures for a State to do so, San Bernadino is in better shape than California itself. Or Illinois or New York or the other blue States rapidly running out of Other Peoples’ Money*.
    * classical reference:

    1. I am beginning to think those of us in red states are going to need to erect border fences to keep liberals freeing broke (word rhyming with crass meaning rear parts or a donkey) blue states out. Instead of green cards, voter registration cards will need to be shown.

  2. Does the city of San Bernadino exist now? Or is merely a poorly guarded work camp for city pensioners?

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