FBI: we’re treating the San Bernardino attack as terrorism.

Everybody who is shocked, raise your hands: “The San Bernardino, California, mass shooting is now being investigated as “an act of terrorism,” FBI official David Bowdich said Friday.” They aren’t ruling out the possibility that the husband-and-wife death cultists acted alone, either. Just in case you wanted to really have your weekend ruined.

The FBI will be taking over this investigation, by the way. So, yeah, it’s pretty much a certainty that this was terrorism.  …And everything that I want to write after that is kind of mean-spirited, so I’m not going to type any of it out.

The San Bernardino attack is sounding… weird.

Weird in every direction. The target doesn’t sound like something that would look attractive to a terrorist, but the attack appears to have been planned out, complete with body armor and improvised explosives.  There are unconfirmed reports that the shooters had… precisely the sort of names that you might have guessed… but at the same time apparently a woman was involved, which is a little out of place for jihadists. All in all, it sounds like it’s an excellent time to not say anything about this attack until we actually know more.

Pray for the victims and their families, of course.

People asking: should San Bernardino cease to exist?

To answer Instapundit and City Journal‘s question: no, San Bernardino should not cease to exist.  Unless, of course, you want some of my tax money to keep it alive.  In that case?  Kill it quick and move on.

Oh, wait, California: you can’t do anything quick in that state anymore.  Guess they’re screwed, then.

Moe Lane

PS: I have no idea how San Bernardino can get out from under its horrifically overgenerous pension/benefits obligations.  I can suggest that it start figuring that out, though; hope that helps!