Vermont’s $3,800 single person tax.

Hi!  Are you a single person who lives in Vermont?  If you are, the intersection of those two particular circles of the Venn Diagram of Life means that you probably voted for Obama; and I just wanted to let you know: you’re about to get hit by a kinetic strike from orbit.  See, Vermont has worked out how much you’re going to have to pay next year if you buy your health coverage on the state exchange:

The state released proposed rates Monday. Examples show that a family of four with an annual income of $32,000 would pay $45 a month out of pocket. A single person making $40,000 would pay $317 a month.

That’s $3,804 a year. Now, I think that the aforementioned single person can instead decide to forgo the insurance and ‘only’ pay $400 in 2014, $800 in 2015, and $1,000 in 2016.  Which means that if you’re a single Vermonter who voted for Obama AND decided that you were healthy enough not to need insurance AND you make 40 grand, congratulations! Your vote will cost you between $2,200 and $11,412 over the next three years.  And at the lower end? You STILL won’t have any insurance!

All of this is what the Commies call failure to vote your class interests, by the way.  Obamacare is designed to hammer the young; I’m sorry if nobody mentioned this before, except that what I actually am is sorry that apparently nobody was listening

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  1. On the one hand, Obamacare screws the youths by demanding that they pick up a greater share of health costs. On the other hand, it might do serious damage to our historic pattern of voluntary compliance with the IRS. On the gripping hand, it might still be declared unconstitutional because tax bills are supposed to originate in the House.

    1. Heh. Not sure if you’re familiar, Freddie, but .. the Greeks make a point of pride in dodging their tax agency.
      If we took tax dodging to the same level the Greeks do .. the government would be broke in a decade.

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