April 11, 1913: the day Woodrow Wilson federalized segregation.

[Expletive deleted]ing Progressives.

One hundred years ago today, Woodrow Wilson brought Jim Crow to the North. He had been inaugurated on March 4, 1913. At a cabinet meeting on April 11, his postmaster general, Albert S. Burleson, suggested that the new administration segregate the railway mail service; and treasury secretary William G. McAdoo, who would soon become Wilson’s son-in-law, chimed in to signal his support. Wilson followed their lead.

Scratch one of those guys, find a racist; an eugenicist; or both.  Mind you, it’s one of the deeper ironies that American political life that the most Wilsonian* (in terms of outlook and managerial style) President we’ve had since him is technically** the first African-American President of the United States…

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Moe Lane

*As you may guess, I don’t mean that as a compliment.  Woodrow Wilson was a fascist so-and-so who nearly did this country a ton of permanent damage.  Or  a ton more.

**To be honest about it, Barack Obama is about as authentically African-American as I am.  The man’s an Ivy League liberal academic, which is about as white-bread as it gets.

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  1. Actually, I’m working on a post to another blog to the effect that being Jefferson Finis Davis, Jr. should be more than enough to qualify him as ‘authentically African-American’. Or, more precisely, authenticity is a litmus test, partly of political and social cohesion. He was significantly raised by grandparents, from Kansas, who may have raised him to be largely in line with Democratic political customs under Jim Crow. Thing is, these same customs look an awful lot like what is practiced by certain demographics in certain parts of big city America.
    So, Obama may be, at the same time ‘authentically African-American’ and a white supremacist.
    I admit that I may be drawing too much of a line using the gun control that Democrats first created to help them murder and terrorize the former slaves.
    Has anything happened yet in the Senate regarding Obama’s attempt to set gun control back to the era of segregation?

  2. And a very important lesson for those who claim “There’s not a dime’s worth of difference between the two parties” and those who dream of a third, “Pure” conservative party. Wilson only happened because the Bull Moose party split the Republican vote. And Wilson’s Idiot “Ethnic Self Determination” set fires all over the world, fires still burning in many places. And it’s very easy to blame Wilson for Hitler. It was Wilson’s denial of Germany’s “Ethnic Self Determination” (After Wilson had got everyone thinking along those stupid lines) that helped Hitler in his rise to power……

  3. Moe,
    As always, I love reading your stuff. This is no exception. But (saw that coming, did ya?)it is a rare thing indeed for me to even consider challenging anything you write and it is not without some trepidation that I do so now.

    Barack is vastly more African American than you and any of the descendants of slaves in this country by virtue of the fact that his father was an African, a native of Kenya which are facts that no one disputes. Though Barry himself was not born in Africa (protestations of Birfers to the contrary and whose exceptions I note in advance)having an father who was a native of Kenya made Barack Hussein Obama a citizen of Kenya at birth. While not impossible, it would be difficult to get more African-American than that.

  4. How to measure the damage of Wilson? I still think peace candidate Wilson’s worst move was bringing the US into WWI. Europe would have so much better off if the two sides had fought to a draw. Think of what that might have meant wrt WWII.

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