News flash: Texas district attorneys NOT murdered by Aryan Brotherhood.

Looks like it was your standard grudge-holding erratic individual:

Authorities on Saturday searched Seagoville storage unit as they focused their investigation into the slayings of the Kaufman County district attorney, his wife and a top prosecutor on a former justice of the peace.

Eric Lyle Williams is now the prime suspect in the murder of District Attorney Mike McLelland, his wife, Cynthia, and Assistant District Attorney Mark Hasse, law enforcement authorities say.


Williams was convicted of stealing county equipment last year and sentenced to probation in a case prosecuted by McLelland and Hasse. That case is on appeal. Williams faces another theft charge in a case related to money allegedly misused from a law library fund.

Chris Matthews, MSNBC, Southern Poverty Law Center hardest hit.  They were, shall we say, really pumped at the idea that there might be a bunch of allegedly right-wing criminal fanatics out there engaging in targeted assassinations, and never mind the fact that there’s a reason why we don’t have that sort of thing in this country happen often.  Who here thinks that any of the groups above will trumpet the retraction as much as they did the original allegations? …No, me neither.

Moe Lane

9 thoughts on “News flash: Texas district attorneys NOT murdered by Aryan Brotherhood.”

  1. It’s the SPLC. They will find some nebulous connection between the suspect and the Aryan Nation (“They said hello to each other on the street! PROOF!”) or they’ll just make something up and all will be right in their world.
    Yeah, I despise the SPLC. Is it that obvious?

    1. I suspect you might have held back a little… but only because if I had made that statement, I would have been holding back. My heartfelt opinion of the SPLC can’t be printed here (or most other places…)

      1. I have known Moe for over ten years. I respect him a lot and this is his site. Were I to express my true feelings on the matter on his property, he’d probably be honor-bound to subject my comments to the incinerator.

        1. You can have five minutes when we finally do that Twelve Pounds Of OGRE game session. Which hopefully will happen before Labor Day. 🙂

    2. In fairness to the SPLC, it is likely that the killer was at one time a registered Democrat voter, or has ties to someone who was. Very few Americans have absolutely no ties to the Democratic Party.
      On the other hand, were I the Southern Poverty Law Center, I would probably stop pussyfooting around, and declare the Congressional Black Caucus a White Supremacist Hate Group. If one is to use a wide definition of White Supremacist, it must be applied fairly and impartially. To do otherwise ends up being White Supremacist.

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