So, we officially don’t know who attacked the Boston Marathon yet.

That means one of three things:

  • We don’t know who attacked the Boston Marathon yet.
  • We do know, we have the perpetrator in custody, and we’re in the process of getting the rest of his network from him*.
  • We do know, we have the perpetrators under observation, and we’re getting ready to roll up their entire network.

There’s a bunch of other, very low-probability scenarios, but I don’t do conspiracy theories under circumstances like these.  All said, we’ll know when we know; and it beggars belief that the Obama administration is just going to let somebody target a national event and get away clean.

Moe Lane

*If this is the correct scenario, then I assure you: somewhere within the perpetrator’s field of vision lies several gallon jugs of water, and several towels. Just to focus the man’s mind.

3 thoughts on “So, we officially don’t know who attacked the Boston Marathon yet.”

  1. Well, John Kerry is just as liable to blame America (he always does), Chuck Hagel is liable to blame Israel (he always does), and Eric Holder hasn’t a clue who to blame (he never does). Dick Cheney & Don Rumsfeld had it right, blame the thugs who did it, find them and punish them for their thuggery, severely.

  2. Fourth option:
    * We do know, we can’t get the perpetrators, and the administration has no intention of telling us their identity because it would be politically inexpedient for them to do so. Yes, I’m talking about the violent jihadis, who supposedly are really really close to being defeated, or marginalized, or on the run, or something like that …

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