Wait, what? Of *course* a doctor should treat a terrorist that shows up in the ER.

Seriously, why is even this a question?

What’s a good doctor to do when a villain hobbles into the emergency room?

Repeat after me: necromancy doesn’t work.  A living terrorist can talk; a dead one is mute, pretty much by definition.  So you patch the son of a bitch up, get him stable, and then you hand him over to the appropriate authorities for interrogation.  See? Ethical dilemma solved.  I’d ask what they were teaching kids these days, except that the author is almost certainly older than I am (he’s got an unhealthy obsession over Richard Nixon that is kind of diagnostic*)…

Via Hot Air Headlines.

Moe Lane

PS: Why didn’t I just quote the Hippocratic Oath at the guy?  I dunno: because the author clearly didn’t give a [expletive deleted] about it anyway?

*Although why he’s so pissed at the guy who ended Vietnam, started the EPA, and put together a plan for universal health care is beyond me.  That generation of liberals has always been a little off, you know what I mean?

9 thoughts on “Wait, what? Of *course* a doctor should treat a terrorist that shows up in the ER.”

  1. Don’t forget, Nixon also thawed our relations with Red the People’s Republic of China, too. You’d think they’d love him just for that, but nooooooo

  2. Agreed don’t much see the point of the question. You put him back together unless of course you don’t Want people to find out what he knows. That may have been the writers point whether he realized it or not. Nothing like unconsciously letting people know which side your rooting for.

  3. I am a trauma surgeon (not in the Boston area) and I will tell you that we are unfortunately accustomed to treating criminals. Treating both the victims and the perpetrators is a bit tougher…but still doable. Treating this bastard? I’d have kid gloves on to protect him from myself and be actively watching for interference from other physicians, because we do. no. harm. Also, because he’s gotta be in tip-top condition to be remanded to Gitmo.

  4. It wouldn’t have matter what Nixon did, the Libs were just upset he beat their preferred candidate. Saw the same thing in 2000, different actors, same script. They are whiney, petulant children who throw fits when they don’t get their way. Just like “bipartisanship” means having the GOP gave to their position

  5. Well, a living terrorist has an opportunity to go on to find forgivness and redemption later in life. A dead one can not. That should be motivation enough.

  6. Medical treatment of enemies of the state is an old issue, look back at how the doctor that treated Booth’s ankle was viewed.

    1. True, but if the doctor had knocked out Booth with laudanum and gotten the Pinkertons he’d have been forgiven for the first aid.

  7. As far as I am concerned, I want the doctors to get this thug nice and healthy for his all expenses paid vacation to scenic gitmo for a meet & greet with Jack Bauer.

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