The original Daily Beast post itself is unworthy of direct comment, of course.

Two passages from this hysterical (in a good way) Reason article by Matt Welch stand out:

Disgraced ex-sock puppeteer Lee Siegel, whose cranky-old-man cultural criticism and woe-is-me whining have led to a fruitful career writing for every single liberal publication you’ve ever heard of, has landed, like these people do, at The Daily Beast, where he has just coughed up one of the lamest hairballs of a political semi-humor column you will ever read: “Memo to the South: Go Ahead, Secede Already!

I was trying to remember why this Siegel guy was pinging my memory.  Thanks, Matt! And then there’s this:

A ban on carbon emissions. How many living-wage jobs do you expect to produce through bicycle power, President Gilligan?

This reminds me – also in a good way – of one of Sam Kinison’s infamous comments about Dr. Ruth.  Said comment is far too filthy to repeat on such a refined website as this one; I guess that you’ll just have to look it up.

4 thoughts on “The original Daily Beast post itself is unworthy of direct comment, of course.”

  1. My favorite: high art and leading schools. Really? The people who determine that are from the same areas that look down on the south, of course they will view their schools and art better. goes along with the elitist view of the Ivy league as being better than other schools, I will stick with Buckley’s observation about Harvards staff.

  2. I notice he made no mention of football prowess among ‘top universities’. That’s probably because the Crimson Tide makes the girly men from the ivy league soil their trousers.

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