Every post that I’ve wanted to write today was a querulous complaint.

I suspect that I may be coming down with the dreaded Summer Cold; at any rate, I think that I shall take the hint and go rest.  Have a glass of orange juice… hmm.  I wonder if there is vodka? It’s not something we keep around regularly, which means that there is either no vodka, or quite enough vodka, for a drink.  Let’s find out!

3 thoughts on “Every post that I’ve wanted to write today was a querulous complaint.”

    1. My first rule of consuming alcohol: stay hydrated. (Second rule: know what and how much you’re drinking.)

  1. I need a drink myself after watching Doris Kearns Goodwin just take a dump on the Gettysburg 150th remembrance. There was 8 great hours of speakers until the “official” festivities started.

    Goodwin droned on and on about herself, her husband, and supposedly the second greatest president ever, LBJ. She tried poorly to link Lincoln to the 60s and the ERA. She insinuated that those who died for the North would have been horrified by the fact that we have yet to have a female president, and that the Supreme Court ended certain provisions of the voting rights act. Of course she also implied that Lincoln would be pleased with the rejection of the DOMA and that gay rights was the cause of our time.

    I blame the national park service, they knew what they were getting. She is not a Gettysburg scholar in any way, shape, or form. I think she even knew her left wing diatribe would fall flat as she read it as fast as she could.

    I hope they don’t shame the fallen any more this week.

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