Why #CNN is in trouble.

Some of the largest protests ever going on in Egypt right now and this is CNN’s front page, as of 10 PM Eastern time:


Complete with editorializing about the retail gun business.  But, not to worry: CNN does mention the protests…


After they tell you about the dead circus performer, of course.

Moe Lane

PS: Four dead in today’s protests, by the way.  In case you were wondering; apparently CNN wasn’t, or at least thought that it’d be more interesting to mention that John Kerry’s smoking crack optimistic about the Middle East.

8 thoughts on “Why #CNN is in trouble.”

  1. In all fairness to CNN, they don’t want to show millions of demonstrators protesting something in the Middle East when they haven’t yet worked out what the storyline ought to be.

    And they can’t do that until Obama decides what HIS storyline will be.

    And he can’t do that until he thinks he knows who’s going to win.

    But it will be some damned conservative’s fault. At least we know that.

  2. It is hard to decide what to cover: the Zimmerman Massacre, the War on Women or a little storm that occurred during the Arab Spring which was probably caused by Climate Change.

  3. They could get away with this crap .. until the internet made it *very* clear that they *were* choosing to embargo stories.

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