So. They’re delaying the #obamacare employer mandate.

Delay that for a year, keep putting in the screws with the individual mandate, and everybody has an explanation as to why this was announced now, and what Barack Obama’s eventual goal is.  Personally, I don’t think that he has a goal at this point, and I don’t think that there any special reason for it being announced now.  If there was a goal, he’d have had his pet journolists parrot it; and if there was a reason that it’d be announced today, they would have been prepared.  As it was, the best part of this afternoon was watching all the Lefty pundits flail about.

Sorry, guys: this administration simply just doesn’t have any control over its own operations anymore.  …Which is a frightening thing; I’d rather not believe it’s true, honestly.

6 thoughts on “So. They’re delaying the #obamacare employer mandate.”

  1. Why is it that the Executive Branch can delay roll-out of legislation? I missed this part in Civics class. Of course, I missed everything in Civics class.

    1. I figure its the same reason why they refuse to “build the dang fence”

    2. It’s one of the “Checks and Balances” built into the system. Like Congress doesn’t have to fund programs even if “It’s the Law!”, and the Supreme Court gets to choose which cases they will deal with, and so could ignore a blatantly unconstitutional issue. The idea is, if all three branches are not working together, nothing gets done, which was the goal of the Founding Founders (:)), as a firebreak against Tyranny, and why the Fascist F.D.R. created “Alphabet Soup”, agencies that had Executive, Legislative, and Judicial power in one agency, like the I.R.S., which would not be nearly so scary if they didn’t have their own courts to deal with the regulations they have written, yes? But even the Devil can quote Scripture, so things like this happen too…..

  2. Coming from the Catholic perspective, I couldn’t help but notice that this one year delay of the employer mandate ALSO means that religious employers who were going to be caught between a rock and a hard place on the contraception part of the mandate will now have an additional year to fight for a appropriately broad conscience exemption through the courts.

    That this announcement came out of the blue during the Fortnight for Freedom, the US Bishops’ two-week period of prayer for the restoration of religious liberty in our nation, is…interesting, to say the least. I’m just saying. 🙂

  3. If this law is so great, why does the government keep issuing waivers and delaying implementation?

    1. Duh. They want to make the “Great Unwashed” middle class as dependent on the government as they did the poor, enslaving them to the Democrats (Who will be the ones running the Death Panels), and turning the country into Detroit (Which has been very, very profitable for the Democrats, if not, alas, their slaves).

      But the transition looks very ugly, and no one wants to be the patsy who got voted off the island so somebody else got Rich and Powerful. It’s an old story, “Who will bell the Cat?”…….

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