“Ice Ice Baby.” (CLICK THIS. Trust me. *Trust* me.)

Turn off the sound if you must, but it loses something without the dub.


Ice Ice Baby, Vanilla Ice

…Wasn’t that a thing?  – Whoever made that has interesting tastes in movies, by the way.

5 thoughts on ““Ice Ice Baby.” (CLICK THIS. Trust me. *Trust* me.)”

  1. I wonder if Rob Van Winkle would have had a better career if he hadn’t tried to pull off the whole “I’m from the streets” lie. The Beastie Boys never tried to be anything other than 3 Jewish kids from NY and they did pretty well. (ah, but then there’s that “talent” thing…)

  2. Turn off the sound? Vanilla Ice is the world’s second or third best rapper (after, of course, Weird Al Yankovic, and, possibly, MC Hammer).

    At Aruges: Have you ever been to the ghettos of Dallas, TX? Them streets are rough…

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