Sir, there is video evidence of you smoking crack.

This is not a euphemism.


So I do not think that your good opinion of Anthony Weiner is actually likely to help him, Marion Barry.

Former Washington, D.C. Mayor Marion Barry said Anthony Weiner is a “good Democrat” who should be talking more about his accomplishments in Congress.

In an interview Saturday night on Geraldo Rivera’s show on Fox News, Barry said, “One bit of advice to the congressman: I’d stop talking so much about now and start talking about what you did for seven terms while he was in the Congress. He’s a good Democrat.”

…Although, what the heck: sure, Anthony Weiner is a good Democrat. We’re grading ‘good’ on a curve, right?

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Moe Lane

8 thoughts on “Sir, there is video evidence of you smoking crack.”

  1. I’s say that Anthony Weiner is as good a democrat as you are likely to find.

    1. “I’d say”…. oops.
      Any chance of an edit feature ever showing up for those of us who forget to proofread?

  2. Marion Barry says we should talk about Anthony Weiner’s accomplishments in Congress.
    *scratches head*
    …Ok, I’ve got nothing. Anyone?

    1. Well, he seems to be doing quite well for himself. That’s not something you normally expect from someone forced to resign in disgrace. And he wasn’t in Congress long enough to be relying on their famously generous pension.
      So even apart from the Huma angle, there’s evidence that at least some people/organizations benefited enough from his stint to give him a comfortable sinecure. I mean, it’s not like he has any actual marketable skills.

    2. Rudy Guiliani ( who has decided not to run) said that Anthony Weiner was according to his congressional colleagues a rather unaccomplished Representative. Rudy also stated that he’d had Democrats come up to him in Congress asking “How can this man run, what is wrong with your city” He had also stated that he “never understood” Weiner and that even as a NYC City Councilman he’d been a “weird” fellow.

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