“Right Here Right Now.”

Not to editorialize or anything – oh, I am quite the wit – but I should note that this is currently not as bad as it’s ever been for the USA. Hell, this is not even as bad as it’s been in my lifetime. From what I (dimly) remember, the late Seventies sucked hella more than now.

And that all worked out all right in the end.


Right Here Right Now, Jesus Jones

4 thoughts on ““Right Here Right Now.””

  1. I was there and yes it sucked a whole lot more, but then there are plenty of people running around today who learned how to get by then. The Grey Market today is estimated to be around 3 trillion dollars in value, it may be bigger. Even Reagan couldn’t convince everyone to fully buy back in, so it never truly ceased to function.

  2. Moe:
    Seeking clairity here…. When you say you are “quite the wit” there isn’t a typo in there somewhere, is there? Are you sure it wasn’t supposed to be “twit?” LOL
    Love your blog, Moe.

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