An interesting article on the FBI/TOR Raid…

…which is kind of a misnomer, since the FBI went after a prominent Deep Web host that used TOR. The short version: the FBI definitely took down a site that pretty brazenly hosted child porn sites and MAY have salted the earth with malware. A somewhat less sympathetic take on this can be found here: nobody decent gives a crud about child porn users getting hammered, but there are more savory groups and individuals affected.

As for myself… speaking as an individual, I recognize the utility of anonymity. Speaking as a victim of TOR-fueled shenanigans – EVERY person involved with any political website with an open comments section has been victimized by TOR-using trolls at some point, which is why everybody makes you register for comments these days – well. That sure is a real shame, there. What’s for lunch?

Moe Lane

One thought on “An interesting article on the FBI/TOR Raid…”

  1. Got Instapundit back and fixed whatever it was that was white screening the background for your site and affecting some others. I’ve been dealing with some software problems at work for the past month and some family health issues and haven’t had the time or energy to solve the issue until today. It was a Firefox addon not sure which one, so I nuked them all and it solved the problems. Interesting side note it only seemed to affect conservative and libertarian sites. Food for thought, if your paranoid that is.

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