A reminder about the net accomplishments of #Occupy. (Spoiler warning: there were none.)

Remember this, from last year?


Hey media:
We will fix the lawn
We fix the world! 😉
Thanks for your concern…

They of course fixed neither the lawn nor the world.  Occupy Wall Street and its various variants in fact did nothing permanent at all.  They ran around, screamed, ranted, defecated, postured, destroyed the very ground that they walked on, and let somebody else clean up after them.  Then Occupy went away, to wherever it is that such groups go to.

The end.

Moe Lane

PS: I’m mentioning this because at some point somebody in the Democratic Establishment is going to zap twenty thousand volts through the corpse that is Lefty ‘populism’ and try to get the dang thing galvanized and shambling again.  When that happens, I recommend that the Usual Suspects remember this picture:

The Democrats certainly did, and they’ll sell out the people who embraced Occupy again, and they’ll keep doing it until… well, probably forever.


One thought on “A reminder about the net accomplishments of #Occupy. (Spoiler warning: there were none.)”

  1. Been trying to come up with a difference between OWS and the Moslem Brotherhood and all I can come up with is OWS goons are lazy and use drugs. Other than that there doesn’t seem to be much difference except that the Brotherhood is more effective in their violence. More effective leadership?

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