#Obamacare Watch: University of Virginia to cut spousal benefits.

Shocking (please note that I am being sarcastic):

The University of Virginia said Wednesday that it will stop offering health insurance to some employees’ spouses because of rising costs under ObamaCare.

The university said the Affordable Care Act will add $7.3 million to its healthcare costs next year. It indicated that it could face additional costs in the future because of the law’s tax on especially generous insurance policies.

In an effort to cut costs, UVA’s healthcare benefits will no longer be available to some employees’ spouses.

Basically, if you’re a UVA employee and your spouse has healthcare elsewhere the university won’t extend coverage to him or her.  The university has also discovered that when the Democrats were indulging in demagoguery about ‘Cadillac plans‘ that they meant organizations like the University of Virginia; so if you’re a UVA employee, be prepared to see either your coverage get cut or your rates to go up – or both! – before the end of the decade.  Because this is what happens when the federal government decides to ration health care.

And if you’re a Democratic UVA employee, let me note: this is what you voted for. I am genuinely sorry that your wife and/or husband may end up not getting the health care that they need because their employer health insurance isn’t as good as yours, but elections have consequences.

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6 thoughts on “#Obamacare Watch: University of Virginia to cut spousal benefits.”

      1. Especially in a red-purple state like Virginia. If it was NY or MA or CA I’d just laugh at them.

        1. Then again, we are talking about people who live and work in the environs of a university. When I started grad school, I was a fairly moderate conservative — perhaps “kinda squishy” would be a good way to phrase it, not that I’m still not on some things. The professors and grad students of my department, on balance, reacted to anything mildly right-of-center that came out of my mouth as if I were David Duke.
          If I thought there were a chance of a lesson being learned here by the professors at UVa, I would be charitable about their mistake. But there are some kinds of stupid that can only come from a certain sort of smart person, and universities are one of their favored stomping grounds. The ones who are capable of learning lessons about politics and consequences, by and large, already have. The rest will just natter on about how their insurance problems would be solved with a judicious application of social justice.
          All of which is my long-winded way of saying this:

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