Quote of the Day, Nobody Without Kids Gets To Judge Me edition.

I too have been in that stark, beleaguered place.

“Kids shouldn’t eat crap.”

How hard is it to prepare wholesome, organic, homemade meals and snacks all the time? I once threw an open bag of cheesies down the basement stairs to stop my kids from fighting like drunk white girls while I was on a really important phone call. They swarmed it like racoons and ate all the trans fat goodness silently off the floor. I stand by my actions and I’d do it again in a heartbeat.

So say we all.

Moe Lane

PS: Australian slang has some interesting quirks in it, no?



10 thoughts on “Quote of the Day, Nobody Without Kids Gets To Judge Me edition.”

  1. Personally, I’m more tormented by all the crap that is seemingly in every commercial in every show in every time of the day. My kids can’t venture past the overtly kids’ channels (Disney, etc.) w/o being exposed to commercials for ED, Herpes meds, trojans, ….


    1. That’s what DVDs are for.
      That said, if I had it to do over, I may just not have a TV…

      1. That’s what my daughter and her husband are doing, acat.

        No TV. Limited range of hand-picked, pre-screened videos. Lots of books and hands-on activities. Several commitments to community and church. And long talks, the more the merrier.

        It works for them.

  2. Kids will eat junk, its the parents job to teach them when they can and how much. Do we want to treat junk food like we treat beer: a forbidden item that kids are not allowed to have but then binge on when they go to college?
    Goes to the news report a couple days ago when a father and son was kicked out of a stadium when the dad had his son hold a beer so he could take a picture of the stadium. The police defended the action by saying the man was let off lightly as he could have been charged and fined for giving alcohol to a minor.

  3. If they didn’t get rid of all the cool stuff at the parks than it would be easier to take your kids to the park and not have to entertain them.

    1. If, by “all the cool stuff”, you mean the very tall, rusty swingset, the gigantic slide with the sharp edges, the 10′ high “climbable sculpture” made out of rocks and sitting on a concrete pad .. then … yeah.
      I was very entertained, as a child. I would certainly have let Junior Cat have the same experiences, but .. it was all “safe” (and bland and homogenized and primary-colored) 2′ structures with safety railings and over a mat of shredded rubber when I went… and he was very, very bored.

      1. You forgot the broken glass. My childhood playground had a 6′ concrete “climable sculpture” that chronically has broken glass around it from the teenagers that hung out there after hours. It taught me early on the the world is a dangerous place and it will CUT you.

        1. Yes, we had that too. I learned that a little blood wasn’t the end of the world.
          (a lot of blood meant a trip to the nurse who lived a couple doors down .. if *she* said it was bad, then we went to the E.R.)

  4. I’ve become utterly fascinated with the Aussie use of English language. Fell in love with a movie called “A Heartbeat Away”. Great if you love music and a simple story line.

    Just remember that Aussies don’t have the same take on vulgarities that we do.

  5. not a parent myself, but my sisters all have kids, and from watching and occasionally (VERY occasionally ;D) helping, it looks to me like if you tried to feed kids nothing but “healthy twigs and berries” (HT, Tom Clancy), they’d either starve to death or murder you in your sleep and gnaw your bones……..

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