Regarding the Ben Affleck #Batman…

…I’d be a lot more nerdrage about it if I actually had a good candidate for Batman.  It’s a hard role to cast.

Moe Lane

PS: My wife said Will Smith.  I said no.  My wife said point taken, but Will Smith ten years ago, playing Spider-man.  I said …THAT WOULD HAVE BEEN AWESOME.

PPS: You know who else is AWESOME?  Richard Dreyfuss. Via CNN:


18 thoughts on “Regarding the Ben Affleck #Batman…”

  1. The Batman movie saga has been brought to a satisfactory conclusion. Let it be…
    Richie D., you may have some dumb political opinions, but when it comes to actors and acting, you really know your s—…

      1. IMHO, Keaton was a really good Batman, and Kilmer was a really good Bruce Wayne. Neither was as good in the other role as they could have been.

  2. I have let my husband drag me to batman movies and enjoyed them. Whoever was the last one was good. We recently watched an old batman movie with Adam West and it was awesome– great to watch with kids too. Campy.

    I can’t stand Ben Affleck, and I won’t see these movies. I never saw Clooney as Batman either.

  3. May I suggest Christian Bale? And if you can’t find anyone as good as Christian Bale…YOU DON’T DO IT.

    1. Christian Bale was great as both Batman and Bruce Wayne. Keaton was okay as Batman but not so good as Wayne.

      1. Bruce Wayne is a hard part to play .. after all, Bruce Wayne is *a guy playing a part*.
        The successful Batman has to play, well, Batman … but most of that is in the costuming and CGI at this point.
        The much harder part is playing Bruce Wayne, dilettante playboy, but letting glimmers of the devious, hard-driving bastard through.
        I don’t see where Affleck has the chops to do that. Neither did Keaton, though, so ..

        1. I do think Affleck has the chops to do it, to be honest. He shows it in The Town (especially the extended edition), and Argo as well, to a lesser extent.

          But that doesn’t mean I sign off on him as coming back from Florence with Selena Kyle on his arm straightaway either. I thought Christian Bale played the role about as well as it could be played.

          If there had been a movie to build up Affleck as the new Bruce Wayne, and then another Man of Steel where we see Superman actually become something heroic, an agent of his own, instead of an accident. Then I might be able to buy into a Supes/Bats confrontation. But not when I don’t believe EITHER character yet.

  4. It’s for the Superman/Batman movie.
    It had to be either dark or campy. And of those options, campy was the most likely.
    That said, I don’t think Affleck can pull it off. I’d have rather seen them sell out for the cheese, and cast Bruce Campbell.
    As bad a movie as “Batman and Robin” was, it could have been great fun *if* the actors hadn’t been so danged earnest.

    1. The most recent Superman reboot would have benefited from a dollop of camp .. or maybe a better writer.
      (spoilers) The entire Zod backstory/exposition felt like it was done up afterward and badly spliced in .. which explains why they went back to the goofy CGI for much of it .. something that “audience testing” said they needed… Stupid.
      Schlock Mercenary’s Howard Tayler put it pretty well in this tweet:
      Re: Affleck and Batman — meh. I was disappointed enough in “Man of Steel” that new films in the franchise are already dead to me.
      So .. yeah. I’ll see the mash-up, but not until it’s at dollar night at the second-run theater. (Mmmmm. Popcorn)

      1. Superman has to be campy as hell. Otherwise, we start thinking about how scary the character really is.
        He can hear everything for miles around (and process it all).
        He can see anything that’s happening around him for quite a ways, and physical barriers are no impediment.
        He can fry you with a glance.
        He’s completely invulnerable. (Except for one substance, which is so rare as to be unobtanium.)
        He can squash you like a bug.
        He can be anywhere at a moment’s notice. (Or even a fraction of a moment’s notice.)
        At least he can no longer turn back time. (Unless he wants to expend a small amount of effort to get the ability back.)
        The only thing keeping him from conquering the world is that he does not (yet) choose to.
        It’s modifying the character to revolve around this observation that made Lex Luthor become interesting. He may be the villain of the piece, but he’s got a valid point.
        Of course, you could replace Luthor with Batman, give Supes a touch of Will to Power, and make the movie nightmare black instead of campy. I’d watch it. I’m not sure how many other people would.

  5. My winner for Ben as Batman goes to Larry Correia:

    “You know who would make a great Batman? That guy who killed the Tom Clancy franchise!”

  6. I would nominate Alexander Skarsgård. The dude that plays Eric Northman in “True Blood”. Maybe would have to darken up his hair a bit, but I dunno, maybe a reboot of a rebooted Batman can have blonde hair. The anime Batman is always pretty buff and square jawed like a front line Marine. Alexander has that height and physically imposing on the screen but would be even better if he bulked up a bit more. Keaton wasn’t all that strong looking at all. While Christian Bale did bulk up a bit for the first “Batman Begins” he seemed to slim back down for the next two. Though I could accept a thinner Batman in the 3rd one because he got banged up pretty bad at the end of the 2nd. But hell I could also settle on a Gerard Butler before a Ben Affleck Batman.

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