NYT beating the “Woe is us, and our politics!” drum on #Syria.

1,121 words (or thereabouts) in this Frank Bruni NYT article whining about how Syria is being seen in terms of the 2016 Presidential election, and not a one of them takes the time to even remotely blame the true reason why that’s happening: it’s happening because the current administration has shown a demented genius in taking the small (and moderate, but decreasing) foreign affairs problems it inherited from the last administration and turning them into big problems.  Under the circumstances, I think that the Beltway Establishment can be permitted a certain nervous apprehension, and even a certain stubborn emphasis on discussing who should be in the next administration.

Because God knows that Barack Obama is kind of useless, right now.  Which is probably one reason why Bruni’s so upset; it’s always a tribulation when one’s idol turns out to have feet of clay.

Via Hot Air.

Moe Lane

PS: God, but I am getting tired of writing about Syria. Yeah, I know: try living there, right now, so I should just count my blessings.  And I should.

4 thoughts on “NYT beating the “Woe is us, and our politics!” drum on #Syria.”

  1. Bruni’s just upset because we have three plus years of living in the shadow of the looser in the White house. It’s not going to make people eager to elect another incompetent idiot under the Democrat banner in 2016.

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