Quotes of the Day, Big Labor Finally Formally Joining The Democratic Party edition.

Took em long enough:

Facing what AFL-CIO chief Richard Trumka called a “crisis” of membership, officials took the dramatic step at their annual convention of adopting a resolution that invites anyone in the country to join, regardless of union affiliation.

This is alarming some people – but too little, too late, dude:

Harold Schaitberger, president of the International Association of Fire Fighters, told The Hill on Sunday that, “this is the American Federation of Labor. We are supposed to be representing workers and workers’ interests. … We are not going to be the American Federation of Progressive and Liberal Organizations.”

…because frankly the AFL/CIO already is that. This merely regularizes the group’s status.

Moe Lane

PS: Practical results: none.  The membership isn’t any more likely to vote Democratic because of this, and the leadership isn’t any less likely to vote Democratic.  This really is simply formalizing an already existing relationship.

4 thoughts on “Quotes of the Day, Big Labor Finally Formally Joining The Democratic Party edition.”

  1. So, random dems can opt to have a union doc their pay? Or is this just a general membership thing like joining the RNC or NRA or DNC or ACLU?

  2. I havn’t really read extensively on this story so I havn’t figured out what the benifits of membership would be for some random non-worker or fast food employee. The union gets more dues, sure, so good for them, but what do they give in exchange?

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