The SpaceX Grasshopper VTVL* test.

It’s a rocketship made the way that God and Bob Heinlein intended:

Takes off on a jet of fire, lands on a pillar of fire. Only went up just under 2,441 feet this time, but that’s why they make prototypes.



*Vertical Takeoff, Vertical Landing. Had to look it up, myself.

3 thoughts on “The SpaceX Grasshopper VTVL* test.”

  1. Cool video, but what’s the advantage of that method of landing? I can’t imagine it would have enough fuel to take off again plus, it burned a lot of fuel controlling the descent.

    1. So you slap a refueling hose on it, top off the tanks, do the preflight checklist, and take off again. The eventual goal is a fully reusable spacecraft that doesn’t take months of time in order to prep for the next flight.

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