How they got the Sebelius Websites for Dummies picture.

See, this is how you do it:

Brian Kelsey, a Republican state senator from Tennessee, wanted to get his opposition to the Affordable Care Act across in a creative way when he heard Kathleen Sebelius would be visiting a Memphis library in his district on Friday to talk up the legislation.

Before Sebelius’ arrival, Kelsey’s office issued a press release announcing he’d show up at the library “in protest of the visit,” though offering no details. He had something more specific in mind, though – presenting Sebelius with a copy of the book “Websites for Dummies,” a jab at the problem-plagued launch of the government’s new health insurance website.

“I’ve been the most outspoken opponent of Obamacare Medicaid expansion in Tennessee,” Kelsey said afterwards. “When I read Secretary Sebelius was coming to my district, I wanted to convey to her that Tennesseans (don’t) want her designing an expansion program for us. I had only two seconds to convey that message to her, so I thought the book would be a creative way to ensure she remembered the message.”

Walk in, get the right conditions that you need for a photo, walk off, and trust in the instincts of photographers to do the rest.  And you can tell that it worked, too: there was a remarkable amount of whining over this one.  The Left absolutely HATES it when good political theater is unloaded on them.  It makes them awesomely cranky.


Moe Lane

4 thoughts on “How they got the Sebelius Websites for Dummies picture.”

  1. Proving, once again, that the left has NO sense of humor.
    They can dish it, they can’t take it.
    Too {darn} bad.

  2. The fact that this photo won’t be considered for a Pulitzer tells you all you need to know about the media’s biases.

  3. Kelsey is near me. Some of the grassroots are a bit unhappy with Kelsey over his support/cooperation with common core implementation. Common core groups give big to TN republicans. He has done a lot for the area. This is really cool though. Hopefully he can be straightened out on common core.

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