Bush Rehabilitation Watch: stopping by the RGA.

Makes sense:

George W. Bush made a surprise appearance Thursday at the Republican Governors Association meeting here.

The former president flew in from Dallas at the request of New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, who became chairman of the RGA earlier in the day.

Partially politics, partially recognition that former President Bush is no longer particularly radioactive* – and partially recognition that he did do what more than one member of the RGA would like to do. Which is to say, become President after serving a couple of terms as Governor. Things continue apace; at this rate, George W Bush will have a more prominent presence on the 2016 election trail than Barack Obama…

Moe Lane

PS: I’m not even going to try to guess what the ‘hidden’ 2016 implications of this visit were.  There may not even be any. It’s only 2013, for crying out loud.

*Much to the chagrin of various people who are only now starting to understand why it’s perhaps not the smartest thing in the world to base your sense of self-worth on just how badly you hate the current President of the United States. That does not end well.

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