So, @MarkUdall! You going to have @barackobama campaign with you in Colorado?

I SAID… Senator Udall?  Will President Obama be campaigning with you in Colorado? (Transcript below via RCP link)

DANA BASH, CNN: Is he a liability for you, the president back home?

SEN. MARK UDALL (D-CO): When the president comes to Colorado and talks about our all-the-above energy approach — we’ve got lots of natural gas and solar power — that resonates with Coloradoans. When he talks about making sure our veterans are treated properly that resonates with Coloradoans.

Folks on the Right want to know: will Barack Obama be campaigning with you?

BASH: Does that mean you’re going to campaign with him? Or you’re going to have him campaign with you side-by-side?

UDALL: We’re going to be running a strong campaign based on Colorado’s interests and Colorado’s future. My job, I think, is to protect Colorado’s way of life. We’ve got a wonderful —

Folks on the Left want to know: will Barack Obama be campaigning with you?

 BASH: That was not a yes or no. Yes or No?

UDALL: We’ll see what the president’s schedule is; we’ll see what my schedule is. But Coloradoans are going to re-elect me based on my record, not the president’s record. Not what the president’s done, but what I’ve done and how I have stood up for Colorado. That’s the case I’m going to make to Coloradoans.

Local news media wants to know: will Barack Obama be campaign with you?

BASH: Wow. One more chance, you’re not going to say yes or no, are you?

UDALL: We’ll see what the schedule allows. I’m running for re-election, not the president of Colorado.

BASH: Wolf, I think that’s our answer.

So we’ll just score that as a ‘no,’ then.  Not to mention, ‘tacit admission of cowardice.’

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4 thoughts on “So, @MarkUdall! You going to have @barackobama campaign with you in Colorado?”

  1. Perhaps Ms. Bash should have asked for permission to treat the candidate as a hostile witness?
    Has the CO GOP coughed up a possible replacement yet, or are they still choking on Tancredo?

    1. Scott Gessler (Secretary of State) is running, but he doesn’t really have much of a personality. So far he hasn’t really connected with the voters. My preference is Greg Brophy, but he’s from the northeastern plains, and doesn’t have name recognition.

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