Al Gore: ALIENS! ALIENS causing global WARMING! They’re stealin’ our carbon!

OK, some quick science (explained well here at this site).  The atmosphere of Venus is utterly inhospitable for life as we know it: too hot, too much carbon dioxide, and almost completely lacking in water vapor.  And all three characteristics are due to a combination of two factors: the lack of a magnetic field on Venus, and the solar wind (which is also considerably stronger, that much closer in).  Because there is no magnetosphere, the solar wind interacts with the Venusian atmosphere much more strongly than it would otherwise; this has the effect of stripping out hydrogen from the atmosphere.  No hydrogen = no water vapor.  No water vapor = no hydrosphere, pretty much no opportunities to turn carbon dioxide into something else.

You’re probably remembering this situation as the ‘runaway greenhouse effect:’ an argument that we used to hear a lot more of in the context of global warming before it became clear that we were unlikely to replicate Venusian conditions* unless we first figured out how to turn off Earth’s magnetic field**. At any rate, that’s why Venus is so danged hot.

It is not because of aliens, Mister Gore.

Neither are they looking to colonize our planet:


…it seems Al Gore pegged [the 2014 International UFO Congress] as the most likely adherents to his policy on global warming, and in a somewhat misguided marketing strategy, Gore’s Climate Responsibility Project distributed leaflets warning that, if the International UFO Congress really wanted to meet some aliens, that they should definitely support the continued employment of carbon-based fuels.

And, to think: Al Gore was almost Commander in Chief. Shoot, even John Kerry managed more post-Presidential bid dignity than this.

Moe Lane

PS: I actually have no intention of making fun of the 2014 International UFO Congress. I’m sure that they have their share of barking mad attendees, but until this moment of time they were doing their thing, I was doing mine, and everybody was doing just fine with that arrangement.  We call this sort of thing ‘quiet enjoyment,’ and there’s nothing wrong with that. And it’s not the IUFOC(?)’s fault that Al Gore has bumbled in…

*It is fair to note that the role of magnetic fields in all of this is still a matter of some dispute.  You may want to find an actual science blog if you’re curious; I’m a liberal arts major, remember?

**Note to my descendants: that would be stupid.  Please do not do it.

4 thoughts on “Al Gore: ALIENS! ALIENS causing global WARMING! They’re stealin’ our carbon!”

  1. Yet another case of Leftists being utterly ignorant about their target audience and confusing the their ignorance with the assumption that the target audience is stupid. Most UFO believers I’ve known are on the bright side and just have the one little eccentricity of believing in aliens.

  2. I would listen to Al on aliens. After all, he was born one gestation period, at least for his kind, after Roswell.

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