I miss my old immune system.

The colds just keep spiraling through the house: kids get it, I get it, wife gets it, kids get whatever the hell my wife also catches in the process, rinse, repeat. So posting may be taking second fiddle to sleep for a couple of days.

Moe Lane

What’s that?  “Could my recent downloading Assassin’s Creed IV be affecting this at all?”  …Well, you could very well say that; but I couldn’t possibly comment.  Also: freaking snipers.

5 thoughts on “I miss my old immune system.”

  1. You want incentive to find and solve all the Mayan puzzles? The reward for doing so is armor that makes you invulnerable to ranged attacks.
    The downside is that some of those locations aren’t unlocked until fairly late in the main storyline.

    1. First I have to figure out how to fight the damned ship. I keep shifting to a non-tactical POV and I don’t get how to switch shipboard weapons.

  2. On the colds front, the same thing happened to my husband and me when our kids first started school. They would bring things home, be over it in a couple of days, and then we would be sick for a week or more. I recall complaining about how sick I was of being sick.

    Fortunately, it doesn’t last forever. In a couple of years, we had mostly caught everything there was to catch, barring the occasional mutant virus, and returned to our normal state of health.

    We had seven. A couple of years after the 4th started school, one of them came home with chicken pox. 2 weeks later, he was over it, but the rest of them, plus the little boy I was babysitting on a daily basis, all came down with it at once. Now that was a real circus!

    1. We only had to do this once, but due to allergies and such, nobody could ever tell me if the boy had had chicken pox or not. (Even had a “doc” try to tell me they don’t itch so clearly he’d never had them… Fun times!) It was always a blast when some kid in his class would come down with it and the teacher would ask who had had them or not.
      We finally discovered if he’d had them though when he did actually catch them (at 16) and boy howdy did he catch them!

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