MRC asks DNC about HRC’s specific accomplishments. Hilarity ensues.

This is painful to watch, but only in the sense that a really hot shower can be painful when you have a stiff back.

Basically, the Democrats’ problem here is twofold. One, the only reason why Hillary Clinton is the frontrunner is because it’s her turn and all the other options are worse. Two, the usual sleazy rationalization – “Hillary Clinton was an awesome Secretary of State! Especially when it came to Russia” – is taking a beating this week, given that it turns out that Russia stopped worrying about our response to anything just about at the moment that Hillary Clinton became Secretary of State.  I’m sure that the Democrats will eventually come up with something else – they’re not all idiots – but until they do expect this kind of helpless stammering.

Moe Lane

3 thoughts on “MRC asks DNC about HRC’s specific accomplishments. Hilarity ensues.”

  1. No accomplishments (other a record number of “present” votes) didn’t seem to dull their enthusiasm for Obama.
    I don’t think it’ll much faze them with respect to Hillary.
    For them, it’s not a job interview where the public is the employer.
    It’s personal vindication when their “team” wins.
    It’s a completely different mindset. For example, I <3 Richard Sherman. But I don't think I'd like him to represent me in Congress. That's a line our friends on the Left have trouble drawing.

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