Getcher ‘Ted Cruz to the Future’ coloring books here!

Well, more accurately: Ted Cruz to the Future – Comic Coloring Activity Book.

This is actually an experiment: I hear that this book is selling, but the reviews of it are remarkably scathing (particularly the ones written by people who have heard of theĀ Three Wolf Moon shirt Amazon reviews, but who don’t quite get how to be funny). I’m curious to see how well it’s actually doing (and, of course, if it’s doing well I wouldn’t mind a piece of that*). Assuming that it’s not just an ironic product that’s also being purchased ironically, which would be funny in an ironic way if other people started buying it un-ironically themselves…

I think that makes sense. More or less.

Moe Lane

PS: Huh. I apparently did a post just like this three months ago. But I don’t think that the Amazon reviews had been quite that scathing at that point. Anyway, this is all getting very meta now. Is that still a thing? Being meta, I mean? I need to keep up with that stuff more.

*Because I’m a mercenary so and so, that’s why. Isn’t it obvious by now?

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  1. Can’t decide if I should get this for my comic loving 5 year old or not . Maybe if I pretend that it’s for me she might want it.

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