Republicans retain possibly bellwether New Hampshire Executive Council seat.

This race didn’t get nearly the same coverage as FL-13, but it’s interesting:

Basically, this particular New Hampshire Executive Council district covers the northern half of the state: the seat became vacant last year when long-time and universally respected Republican Ray Burton died last year of cancer. The race was very low key, and remarkably free of venom*; but the Democrats definitely wanted this seat, and are probably disappointed that they didn’t get it. 

The Democrats will no doubt console themselves by saying that at least the Republicans had to fight to fill a vacant seat.  This is, after all, what their people are now saying about FL-13.  But it is still not shaping up to be a good year to be a Democratic candidate, frankly.

Moe Lane

*At least, by the cynical standards of those of us living in the Imperial District.

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  1. Prove the assertion by looking for negative evidence, i.e. has a reasonably competent GOP candidate *lost* a special election in 2014? When was the last special election that the GOP contested and lost?

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