Barack Obama’s #Obamacare Obamabubble, in under 140 characters.

To quote the physicists: this… is not even wrong.


Pruning of doctor networks is not being compensated for by lower costs: it is what the insurance agencies are doing to keep from raising monthly premiums by astronomical amounts.  Well, that and increased deductibles. Does the President not know the consequences of his own law?

…Yes, I know, that was a stupid question.  But somebody needs to ask it.

5 thoughts on “Barack Obama’s #Obamacare Obamabubble, in under 140 characters.”

  1. I seem to recall a story, probably on Drudge, that mentioned Obama paying for his own gas or groceries or something, and being shocked that he could “just sign the machine” .. that there was no longer a paper credit card receipt to be signed.
    Since this technology has been around for quite a while, had Obama been a Dem, there would have been lots of commentary and SNL sketches.
    Also recall him suggesting that large passenger vans get “eight or ten” miles per gallon, which may have been true in 1994 but wasn’t by 2004.
    I bring this up to confirm your hypothesis, Moe .. Obama is deeply in the bubble, has been for at least a decade, and has *no clue*.

    1. It’s kind of like how he seems to believe that decreeing from on high that tractor trailers are to be more fuel efficient will make the heavens open up and cause things to run better.

  2. Moe, I think Obama is either so out of touch with reality that he can’t figure out his policies are causing all kinds of harm, or the more likely possibility is he just doesn’t care how his policies hurt Americans.

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