Mary Burke won’t throw *own* money down WI-GOV rathole.

Which is awkward, given that she’s the Democratic front-runner and everything:

Democrat Mary Burke says she won’t be able to self-fund her campaign for governor, saying she does not have that kind of wealth.

When Burke first floated the idea of running for governor, her personal wealth made her an appealing candidate to some Democrats and made others think twice about entering the race. The former Trek executive, whose father founded the company, has not disclosed her net worth, though she did donate more than $400,000 to her campaign in just its first few months.

But Burke says people should not expect her to spend as much as some of Wisconsin’s most famous self-funded candidates.

There’s nothing more reassuring than a candidate who has decided that using more of her own, personal money for her political campaign is perhaps not the wisest course of action. No, really, it’s very reassuring… if you support her opposition. And particularly when her opposition is crushing her in regular fundraising anyway. None of this means that the election is in the bag, but the Democrats apparently forgot to have a long talk about expectations with their would-be star candidate…


5 thoughts on “Mary Burke won’t throw *own* money down WI-GOV rathole.”

  1. The California GOP has had a really bad history with self-funded gubernatorial candidates.

    The one that won – Schwarzenegger – set back the GOP in this state by at least a decade.

    1. Fair enough point. *coughRickScottcough*
      However if you can’t bet on yourself, then why should anyone else bet on you either?

      1. So are we saying only people able to donate a million of their own money should run?
        That rules out most Republicans.

        1. I am not saying that at all. I am saying that it looks bad when you refuse to donate at least some of your own money to your campaign.
          A completely self-funded candidates, as Moe pointed out, is pretty uneven. Rick Scott isn’t the worst governor Florida has have, but he isn’t stellar.

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