An open invitation to the American news media.

You know how the White House completely messed up its Equal Pay for Women message today, thanks to a lack of thought and a whole lot of hypocrisy? Remember how they ran for cover? Well, here’s the question, and you don’t have to say it aloud: did you enjoy it?

I think that you enjoyed it. It was kind of fun, wasn’t it? Naughty fun, sure, but it wasn’t really that bad, was it? No, of course it wasn’t that bad. It was a kindness, in fact. It’s good for the administration to know that there’s rhetoric that they can’t get away with. It makes them get better. Really, they want you to do this for them. Or at least they should. So you should keep holding the Obama administration accountable like this. It’s fun and righteous!

Win-win, really.

Moe Lane

PS: Actually, no, I am not going to Hell for this. Every word of that was true.

4 thoughts on “An open invitation to the American news media.”

  1. I figure sometime between November and next July, SNL will start taking pot shots at Obama.
    At *some point*, the media needs to start prepping the ground for 2016, and given current polling, the 2016 Dem candidate is going to have to run on “fixing Obama’s legacy”… and that involves owning that their god has clay feet.

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