Kathleen Sebelius resigning as HHS Secretary.

Or, as Erick Erickson put it: the Democrats are conceding that they’re going to lose the Senate.


Can’t say that I have a much more complex opinion than It’s about time. The woman was horrible at her job. I just wish that she had been more of a patriot and resigned in 2009, instead of staying to fight for Obamacare.

15 thoughts on “Kathleen Sebelius resigning as HHS Secretary.”

  1. “The woman was horrible at her job.”
    Like Obama will appoint someone more competent to replace her? Paging Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel!

    1. Per the NY Times:
      “Mr. Obama accepted Ms. Sebelius’s resignation this week, and on Friday morning he will nominate Sylvia Mathews Burwell, the director of the Office of Management and Budget, to replace her, officials said.”
      So… Yeah. Very small chance of improvement.

        1. Interesting, but not surprising. She is, in other words, another hack apparatchik.

        2. Wasn’t she also the one that signed the memo that shut down the government last year?

  2. “You know, in certain older civilized cultures, when men failed as entirely as you have, they would throw themselves on their swords.”

    1. OT but I am really looking forward to him playing a villian again in the next Bond movie
      On topic, nobody in this admin will ever truly take the blame or be prosecuted for their crimes

    2. “Well, unfortunately, I forgot to bring a sword.”

      [Operative pulls out his sword]

    1. Depends on your view. Nobody died on Sebelius’s watch, causing her to blame it on a Youtube video.

      1. Depends on how you define ‘died’. I’m sure the process is well down the path for many Americans worrying themselves to death

  3. I actually feel sorry for her, she was saddled with trying to make a disaster of a law work, and is now being used as a scapegoat to hide the fact that Obamacare is a bad law.

    I’m not going to celebrate her departure, I consider it to be irrelevant, I’m only going to celebrate when Obamacare is repealed and sent to the paper shredder.

    1. It is a bad law.
      However, a great many of the objectionable regulations were promulgated by her office, and enforced by her. (Such as deciding that nuns need birth control, and the Catholic church is required to provide it to them.)

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