Charles Krauthammer discusses the defenestration of Kathleen Sebelius.

We are pretty much at the “marvelous cynicism” part of the Obama era arc at this point: the punditocracy has stopped taking the President seriously and has started to visibly not care if he likes the way that they talk about him. I mention this, not because Charles Krauthammer has ever been shy about knocking a Democrat, but because he is increasingly losing his status as a voice in the wilderness in that regard. Expect more people to be this casually dismissive in the future:

Short version, for those without video: Charles enunciated what we all knew: Barack Obama used a moment of relative good news about Obamacare to give Kathleen Sebelius the bum’s rush.  The administration hopes that her replacement will provide some cover; Krauthammer thinks it will, and I’m waiting to see.  In my opinion this level of maneuvering by the administration is merely going to optimize the deck chair layout on the Titanic anyway.  But maybe that’s just my marvelous cynicism talking.


2 thoughts on “Charles Krauthammer discusses the defenestration of Kathleen Sebelius.”

  1. Personally, I think they’re going to try to use her as a scapegoat for all the problems with Obamacare. Remember, many in the media are left wing ideologues, you might be right, but I wouldn’t put much faith in them seriously criticizing the Obama administration.

  2. Charles should have pointed out that, traditionally, a good defenestration requires a large pile of horse manure.

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