Behold the face of true horror, my friends.

…Me, after the caricaturists at Hershey Park have had their fun.  In my pajamas and on my keyboard.



You have to understand: this is ridiculously flattering.  Admittedly, I should have asked for giraffe or elephant slippers*, and she must have assumed that I was Cult of Jobs when I checked my iPod halfway through; other than that, I got off pretty lucky, no?

…Don’t answer that.

Moe Lane

PS: Yes, I have a beard.  I look better with one, too.

*Easter Sunday, though.  Hard to argue with bunny slippers.

2 thoughts on “Behold the face of true horror, my friends.”

  1. Looks pretty much like the picture you put up from your “blogging panelist” (iirc) appearance at some convention… except you looked more disheveled in the actual photo 😉

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