New Hampshire paper slams Jeanne Shaheen for Keystone cowardice.

The  Foster’s Daily Democrat minces no words:

Sen. Shaheen has been tagged by Republicans with the dubious honor of siding with the Obama Administration 98 percent of the time. Even if we grant this is an oversimplification of her voting record, Sen. Shaheen is unquestionably one of the president’s faithful. That being the case, she will have to answer for her de facto boss’ actions (or inactions) during this off-year election cycle.

Those actions include running away from Keystone for political gain.

Bolding mine. Despite the name, the paper is generally considered to be Republican-leaning, or possibly just Republican; it’s certainly not been shy about criticizing the current administration*.  So this is not DOOM by any means for Jeanne Shaheen. But what it is is an indication that the only reason why Barack Obama’s going to get away with a delaying action on Keystone at this point is because he’s not actually running for re-election.  Those members of his party who do have to run in November do not have that luxury.  They will get pressed on the subject.

I know that some of my readers don’t believe that, but this is a case where Democrats will get flak from both sides.  The Greenies are getting just as annoyed as we are at the lack of action on Keystone, and while they of course are too timid to attack Barack Obama for lying to them all these years Jeanne Shaheen is somebody that the Greens feel that they can criticize safely. And while I obviously disagree with the Greenies about Keystone, they do have a point: the Democrats need to decide which side they’re on.

Before the election.



Moe Lane

*We tend to forget that the local and regional papers are often a good deal more independent-minded – or just more willing to admit mistakes – than are their bigger cousins.  And, these days, probably reporting the news more accurately. If you have a problem with the national media – and who doesn’t, these days? – you could do worse than to increase your patronage of more local papers.

No, I’m not getting paid for that plug.  More’s the pity.

2 thoughts on “New Hampshire paper slams Jeanne Shaheen for Keystone cowardice.”

  1. Depends on the “local paper” all of the local newspapers of any decent size were all-in the tank for Sherrod Brown ( Cleveland Plain-Dealer, Columbus Dispatch, Cincinnati Enquirer, whatever the heck Toledo’s paper is called)

    Indy star appears independent, if independents are centre-left.
    It employs the hard core lefties, the rightwing journalists are actually Rockefeller Republicans, who on occasion cheer for the local party ( if they raise taxes or something) and boo when they try anything socially conservative ( or try to pass a moderate tax cut)

    The rest of their content comes from syndicated columnists ( several of which write in WAPO)and USA Today. so occasionally a WSJ or WAPO conservative like Krauthammer or Will ( or cringe worthy Rubin)

    Too many “local” papers are owned by Gannet Company.
    Indy Star is one of them as well as those Ohio papers I mentioned.
    And I really wish the Kochs had baught the Tribune company.

  2. Out of the four major Newspapers ( LA times, NY Times, WAPO, ChiTrib)

    The Tribune is the only one not hard-left ( at least in comparison)

    Having endorsed Kirk in 2010 and left the door open to not endorsing Durbin this year ( though that ships sailed after the party nominated Oberweis)

    acat can correct me if I’m wrong though.
    We really do need a dedicated Centre-Right paper, not called The Wall Street Journal.

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