So, basically, Allyson Schwartz isn’t going to be the Democratic nominee for PA-GOV.

Well, isn’t this interesting? “The first political ad warmly embracing ObamaCare, by a candidate not named Obama, hit state airwaves last week. It likely will be the last pro-ObamaCare ad ever made. Allyson Schwartz boldly went where no Democrat has gone before, trying to gain ground in a primary race that is slipping swiftly from her hands.”  Not that Obamacare was a horrible thing to campaign on – I knew that already – but that Schwartz was doing so badly in the Democratic primary. But she is; the poor woman has been in free-fall for the last few months.

Which basically means that Obamacare is a Hail Mary play for Allyson Schwartz.  Just one problem: if successful ones weren’t extremely low-probability, we’d call them something else.

Moe Lane

PS: How do you think that other Democrats are going to react if/when the most public politician embracing Obamacare doesn’t actually win?

2 thoughts on “So, basically, Allyson Schwartz isn’t going to be the Democratic nominee for PA-GOV.”

  1. Rep. Schwartz hails from my area. She’s kind of a do-nothing at this point. Alas, I basically can choose to live in her district or under Chaka

  2. That’s a shame because while on paper she may appear to be the most formidable Democratic candidate, she’s probably the only one who could lose to Corbett, after the PA General Electorate found out how hardcore pro-abortion she was, ( she managed a Planned Parenthood facility)

    A lot of Bob Casey Sr. Democrats would’ve voted Corbett upon hearing that.

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