Request for prayers/good wishes for a friend.

Eric Burns-White: it’s sounding like he’s having a horrible year, and it’s only May.

Moe Lane

PS: As soon as I find out what, if anything, more material can be done for him and his wife Wednesday, be assured that I’m going to do that, too.  Eric’s a damned good guy and a good writer.  And that’s ‘good’ at my level, honestly.

One thought on “Request for prayers/good wishes for a friend.”

  1. Thank you, sir. You are as always a gentleman, and beyond that a friend.

    Apropos of nothing — I’m going to ping you offline. I’m working on a story[*] and could use your help and advice.

    [*]’Working on a story’ == ‘plotting things in my head while sitting in hospital waiting rooms.’ When writing restarts, by God I’ll have *something to write.*

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