Book of the Week: Motivation: Justice Wing Halcyon Days.

Motivation: Justice Wing Halcyon Days is written by Eric Burns-White, who is my dude. I believe that this is how the youngsters put it these days, right? Yeah, he and I, we go back. And I’ve been telling him to publish his stuff for years.

Just ordered: Justice Wing: Plan, Prototype, Produce, Perfect.

Justice Wing: Plan, Prototype, Produce, Perfect is Eric Burns-White’s first print novel, I believe. It’s a superhero tale based on his previous work (you can find a bunch of it here), and Eric is an old friend. I mean, like twenty, twenty-five years at this point? He’s a good dude, a good writer, and one of the few people I consider automatically reliable about the In Nomine* TTRPG. That last probably means nothing to you, but it does to me. So, obviously, I’ve already ordered the book.

Moe Lane

*There’s maybe ten people on the planet who make that list, and I have one of the slots on it.

Request for prayers/good wishes for a friend.

Eric Burns-White: it’s sounding like he’s having a horrible year, and it’s only May.

Moe Lane

PS: As soon as I find out what, if anything, more material can be done for him and his wife Wednesday, be assured that I’m going to do that, too.  Eric’s a damned good guy and a good writer.  And that’s ‘good’ at my level, honestly.

Hey, Banner Latte is updating again!

Banner Latte is run by Eric Burns-White, an old buddy of mine from the last century.  We ran in the same amateur gaming circles; false modesty be darned, but there are few people who I think of as real peers when it comes to writing*. Eric’s on that list; check it out if you’re a nerd.  Which, honestly, I assume many of you are.

Moe Lane

*And now I’m going to look at that above paragraph six billion times, just to make sure that I wrote it in a sufficiently awesome style to justify what is pretty much an unsustainable brag.  Ah, hubris.